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Every Sunday afternoon, if the weather is fine, we always go sight-seeing with our international friends in the scenery spots nearly our city. It is free-charge for everybody. It includes Qian-cheng Lotus Tower, Hong-jiang Ancient Trade Town, Zhi-jiang Peace City (in the World War II, the Japanese army surrendered here.), Zhongfang New City, Zhongfang Industrial Park, Jing-ping Ancient Village, Zhongfang Avenue of Stars KTV, Huaihua Sports Center, Dong Minority Cultural Village, Wuxi Park, Zhong-po Mountain, Die-cui-lan-ting Sightseeing Village, Yang-cun Ecology Park, He-ming-zhou Park, Yingfeng Park, Tian-xing Square, Huaihua Municipal Square. (But some special spots may need entrance fee which should be covered by yourself.)

The world-famous tourist sites around us are Phoenix Town (Fenghuang Ancient Town), Zhangjiajie, Guilin and Shaoshan.

The Phoenix City is 40 minutes drive by highway from our city. Check more pictures here.

Zhangjiajie is 3.5 hours drive by highway from our hospital. The famous film Avatar was made here in the year of 2008. The special stone moutains are really a wonder in the world. Check more pictures here.

Guilin is 5 hours dirve by highway from our hospital. It is known that "the moutains and water of Guilin are the best in this world". Check more pictures here.

Shaoshan is 3 hours drive by highway and 1 hour by high speed train. It is the hometown of the first Chairman Mr. Mao Zedong of the New China.   Check more pictures here.



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