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Zhu Ming, is a world-renowned TCM scholar, and China¨s leading TCM expert who is very popular among international patients suffering from chronic & difficult diseases. He is currently Director of Hunan Red Cross International TCM Hospital, and among other TCM practitioners in China he has cured the most number of chronic & difficult disease patients around the world. During the past 10 years, under the leadership of Dr.Zhu Ming, Hunan Red Cross International TCM Hospital has admitted more than 200 ALS sufferers from around the world, and their cases have been documented completely.

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Take a look at all this luggage from the Middle East, from the outside it just looks like bags, but from the inside it represents the hearts of people, TCM is winning the hearts of people all over the world. Through comparison, people are convinced that humanistic medicine is what TCM represents, the warmth of people checking up on other people, doing Tuina massage, drinking tea, what a comfortable feeling! Medicine is supposed to be humane, bring warmth, feel comfortable, be safe, and be effective.

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Dr. Ming Good morning, I'm on the plane and before I leave the Great China People's Republic, I thank you for your attention. We hope to meet again and we will try to convince the patients who need your services to visit you with excellent programs and thank all the team who were with us, especially Joyce and Fiona. The service entrusted to him with sincerity and honesty and this is not strange to the people of Great China. Hamdan

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At 14. 06.2009, seven years ago, I suffered ofa. Sudden Heart infarction with following Heart insufficiency, I undertook an emergency catheterization and dilatation of the main left coronary artery and stent implantation, I was put into artificial coma-treatment for 7 days.

Every day I had to take several medicines, I felt all the time weak and had to walk slowly with breathlessness and dizziness, bad digestion, bad sleep, weakness of my muscle and all my body. I seeked as alternative and natural therapy and found in Internet the address of Huaihua Red Cross Hospital of TCM, I went there on December 2014 first time.

Once arrived to the hospital I was warmly welcomed from Dr. Ming and his colleagues, they promptly made the TCM investigation and took my case history and gave me 2 times each day of the herbal tea, which is very rich and value in natural components, special for me after the accurate TCM receipt, also acupuncture and massage.

My situation improved, I can walk faster and follow my walking sport and other hobbies.

I took my herbal tea with me when I returned home. Since two years I don¨t use any medication only seldom I take one Aspirin if there is any pain, even my pulse improved. I don¨t have my sever palpitation. Last year I took in Frankfurt hospital an x-ray CCT-for coronary artery results: circulation very good only slight heart insufficiency.

I visit this hospital one or two times a year for the TCM-treatment.  With help of TCM I could with distance from my illness and improve my life style.

Last week I went with Dr.Ming and other patients to the mountain, which are very beautiful and picture--, and walked for a long time and made some Qigong exercises.

I¨d advise anybody to take this treatment is Huaihua, which is very traditional Chinese medicine. It helps even for preventive purpose for a healthy and beautiful life.

I am very thankful for this hospital.

Dr. Mansoor, GP- from Frankfurt-Germany

Huaihua, 8 August 2017

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