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Notice: 1. We not only have common quality raw herbs, but also have hundreds kind of high quality raw herbs which have no pesticides, heavy metals, sulfur, microorganisms, aflatoxin, etc., and could meet the demands of customs of America and European Union.

"HerbaSinica" Chinese herbs, produced by our partner-Hunan Revitalization Chinese Herb CO., LTD., meet the EU standards and have entered the European market for many years. Check more details here.

 2.According to your personal demand, we can make various herbal formulas varying from different diseases( such as diabetes, hypertension, cancer, obesity, rheumatism, gastritis, chronic pains, asthma. etc. ) and the ratio/ standardized extracts . The formulas can be provided by the various product forms named herbal food, herbal supplement, herbal candy, herbal drinks. It can be much easier to clear the customs by these forms when you make the order. Warmly welcome to contact us if you have an interest. Our email is or





Modern Gaoqiao Chinese Medicine Market (completed in Dec. 2021)


Greetings from mainland China! Our eastern Chinese medicine wholesale company, i.e., Huaihua Longyuan Medicine Export Company is successfully shipping our herbs to any country in the world for wholesalers.

TCM herbs, which have a huge market in China annually, are entering the USA, Europe and the world market with a tremendously strong tendency after China's joining the WTO. Our raw herbs are pesticide-free, sulfur-free, heavy metal-free, have no chemical pollution and comply with the international quality standard. So your efforts to distribute herbs in your country would bring you a wonderful future and your countrymen good health recovery! So take advantage of this great opportunity.

If you would like to make an order, you could get herbs at discounted prices from our online system below. Delivery is 100% guaranteed.


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Huaihua Longyuan Medicine Export Company is not only a managing company for Chinese herbs, but also a national licensed export company. We have a staff of 300 professionals, and distribute about 800 kinds of raw herbs. Our company has successfully passed the international standard assessment of quality control of medications, GSP
(Click here to see the GSP Certificate). We are  the biggest herbal company among the surrounding five provinces in mid-south China. We also have our own specialized farms to produce some commonly used raw herbs, such as honeysuckle, gastrodia, poria, magnolia bark, etc. Our former Chinese Premiere Mr. Zhu Rongji once visited our company and gave great appreciation to our green mountain herbal farm. Also, this important farm in south China has passed the international standard assessment, GIP.  In the past few years, we have gained international clients from over 200 countries who trust and rely on our faithful service. Also the raw herbs could be offered in powder form or capsule form.


For limited amount orders, we accept bank money orders, checks, or bank transfers. We also accept payment by credit card online in an absolutely secure way using Visa, MasterCard, American Express, etc. Foreign currencies accepted include U.S. dollar, Canadian dollar, Euro, English pound sterling, Australian dollar, Japanese yen, Singapore dollar, New Zealand dollar, Macao dollar and Hongkong dollar as well.

The reason  we can successfully export our herbs into any country in the world is that, most herbs are legally registered products in almost every country. So please do not worry about its passing customs into your country. Your order would be released without problem.





With bulk orders, we accept payment in the form of Letter of Credit (L/C) or bank wire. If you are an international wholesaler, please let us know your bulk order and we will offer you first-rate quality products at the lowest price from China. To make wholesale orders of one thousand USD or more for business purposes, please go to the
"TCM Business" link.

We are especially proud to be able to offer the very best health herbs and the very best service to our international clients, patients and wholesalers in recent years.

Best wishes for your health and prosperous business!


Big orders are dealt by Longyuan Herbal Company           Small orders are dealt by our TCM hosptial




Our Managing Certificate of the Company, 4312002001215.


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Zhongfang Pure Chinese Medicine Hospital
(Former Zhongfang Red Cross International Hospital),

Dangui Road, Zhongfang County,

Huaihua city, Hunan province,

China.    418005


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