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On 5th May, 2019, the foreign friends from USA, Canada, Kuwait and Mongolia visited Zhijiang City.



The foreign friends from Mexico and Canada discussed TCM with our President Dr.Ming.



On 14th April, 2019, some foreign friends visited Jinshi Garden accompanied by our staff.



On 7th April, 2019, accompanied by our President Dr. Zhu Ming, the foreign friends from the Middle East investigated Changshang Gaoqiao Big Market and bought healthy products.



On 31st March, 2019, the foreign friends from Iran and Kuwait went to Zhongfang Industrail Park to see the flowers.



In the middle of  March, we came to the countryside to enjoy the scenery with our overseas friends.



In the second half of February, we came to Huaihua South High Speed Train Station to meet friends from the Middle East.


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