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Some Views Of Our Hospital









Dear international friends and patients,

In these pages, we try to show some views of our Zhongfang Pure Chinese Medicine Hospital and our beautiful ecological city Zhongfang so that the patients who wish to come here have some rough impression about our hospital and service. We offer free Internet, free car, free laundry facility and free kitchen for you to cook here. Our free-service drivers could take you to the huge super market nearby for shopping and order of various foods. 

You could click each picture for a bigger and clearer view.    

The bird-looking picture of one part of our hospital, 46,667 square meters among the total 166,667 square meters.



Welcome to Zhongfang county, Huaihua city! Our local airport is called Zhijiang Airport, which is 25 minutes drive from our hospital by high way. It is 10 minutes drive from our hospital to the high speed train station. Transportation is very convenient in this city for your coming from Guangzhou, Shanghai, Beijing and other cities by air, by high speed train(300 kilos/hour) or common train. Our driving team is waiting for you all the time. Check the schedules of flight high speed train and common train here.



Our driver team is ready to serve you any time. Services including picking up from and seeing off to the airport, two times free shopping trips every week, free trip every Sunday if the weather is good and tasting Chinese food provided by our hospital during the trip(at least twice a month ).





The corner of our hospital



The hall of the first floor and the corridor.



Public Muslim and Non-muslim kitchens for self-use



                                                                                                                          Standard rooms

30 or 45 square meters independent room for you with TV, air conditioner, refrigerator, bathroom, hot water supplier, international telephone,  internet cable, wireless Internet and emergency help alarm.




                                                                     Separate bathroom in each room                                                    Public bathroom



               65 square meters luxurious rooms





 120 square meters luxurious rooms with private kitchen


More Pictures Of Our Hospital



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Some Views Of Our Hospital