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Prof .Dr.Enqin Zhang (Engin CAN):

Prof. Dr. Enqin Zhang (Engin CAN) graduated from Shandong University of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) in 1982 with post-graduate dip., Master of Medicine and later also got his MD  and Professorship in Alternative Medicine /TCM from 4 international and Chinese universities and institutes. He was the chief editor& author of  book ^Research in Classical Formulae of TCM ̄, published by Yellow River Press in 1987 as well as TCM series `A Practical English-Chinese Library of TCM¨, composed of 14 books, the first English-Chinese TCM textbooks in the world, published by Shanghai TCM University Press in 1990, has been distributed to more than 66 countries. In 1991, the Academic Degree Committee of Chinese State Council &Education Ministry awarded 695 Chinese doctor and master holders for their outstanding achievements, one of them was Dr Enqin Zhang. Now he is mainly practicing at EVERWELL Chinese Medical Centre UK as chief doctor of London Clinic 7; He also acts as the academic advisor to Chinese Huaihua Red Cross Hospital ; the professor (specially invited) of Huaihua Medical College & Shandong TCM College; part-timely lecturing for Middlesex University. He is very good at treating headache/migraine, obesity, insomnia, stress, poor memory, neck or back pains/cervical &lumbar spondylopathy, osteoarthritis, cough/bronchitis, asthma, stomach problems/gastritis, ulcer, irregular menstruation, menoxenia, dysmenorrhea, leukorrhagia, hypogalactia, urinary infection, enuresis, hair loss, quit smoking, and cancer patient¨s support as well as  many difficult conditions.

Clinic Address: 36 Gerrard Street, Chinatown, London,W1D 5QA,UK
(Near Leicester Square Tube Station)
Reception Tel: 02072870805
Working Hours:
Monday, Wednesday: 12-20pm
Friday 11am-22pm
Thursday, Saturday, Sunday:11am-19pm


Preliminary Summary on Studying Shanghan Lun is Prof. Dr. Enqin Zhang's new article, if you are interested in it, you can read it.



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