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507 pages, 1998. 9. 



Author, Long Zhixian.

Published by Academy (Xue Yuan) Press.






Part One Outline

Chapter One  The Relationship of Formulae to Syndrome Differentiation and Establishment of Therapies

Section 1  The Relationship of Formulae to Syndrome Differentiation

Section 2  The Relationship of Formulae to Establishment of Therapy

Section 3  Common Regulations for Designing a Formula

Chapter Two  Design of a Formula

Section 1. Structure of Forming a Formula  

Section 2. Modifications of a Formula

1.        Modification of Herbs

2.        Modification of Dose

3.        Modification of Preparation Forms

Chapter Three  Classification of Formulae

Chapter Four  Preparation of the Formulae

1.        Decoction

2.        Powder

3.        Pill and Bolus

4.        Extract, Ointment and Plaster

5.        Pellet

6.        Medicated Wine

7.        Medicated Tea

8.        Distilled Medicinal Water

9.        Troche and Medicated Cake

10.     Slender Roll of Medicated Paper

11.     Medicated Thread

12.     Moxa-Prescription

13.     Syrup

14.     Tablet

15.     Infusion

16.     Injection

Chapter Five  Administration of Formulae

Section 1  The Method of Decocting Herbs

Section 2 The method of Oral Administration

Section 3 The Method of External Application


1.        Table of Apathecarisí» Measures and Weight in the Metric System

2.        Table of Apathecarisí» Measures and Weight in Ancient Time


Part Two Elaboration

Chapter One Exterior-Relieving Formulae

Section 1 Formulae for Relieving the Exterior with Pungent-Warm Herbs

Spring Onion and Prepared Soybean Decoction (Associated Formulae)

Seven Herbs Decoction Including Spring Onion; Spring Onion and Prepared Soybean Decoction, Spring Onion Prepared Soybean and Platycodon Decoction)

 Notopterygium Decoction with Nine Herbs

Cyperus and Perilla Powder (Associated Formulae: Modified Cyperus Perilla Powder; Ginseng and Perilla Decoction)

Elscholtzia Powder

Ephedra Decoction (Associated Formulae: Major Blue Dragon Decoction; Atractylodes plus Ephedra Decoction; Ephedra, Apircot, Coix and Gypsum Decoction)

Minor Blue Dragon Decoction

Cassia Twig Decoction (Associated Formulae: Pueraria plus Cassia Twig Decoction; Magnolia and Apricot Kernel Plus Cassia Twig Decoction; Cassia Twig Plus Cassia Twig Decoction; Peony Plus Cassia Twig Decoction)

Section 2 Formulae for Relieving the Exterior with Pungent-Cool Herbs

Mulberry and Chrysanthemum Decoction

Honeysuckle and Forsythia Powder (Associated Formula: Honeysuckle and Forsythia Decoction)

Ephedra, Apricot, Licorice and Gypsum Decoction

Bupleurum and Pueraria Decoction for Relieving Muscles

Cimicifuga and Pueraria Decoction

Lophatherum, Chinese Tamarisk and Arctium Decoction

Section 3 Formulae for Relieving the Exterior by Strengthening the Genuine

Antiphlogistic Powder (Associated Formulae: Schizonepeta and Ledebouriella Antiphlogistic Powder; Canglin Powder)

Modified Fragrant Solomonsael Decoction

In Summary

Chapter Two Purgative Formulae

Section 1 Cold Purgative Formulae

Major Purgative Decoction (Associated Formulae: Minor Purgative Decoction; Stomach-Regulating Purgative Decoction)

Rhubarb and Moutan Bark Decoction

Major Decoction for Chest Congestion

Section 2 Warm Purgative Formulae

Rhubarb and Aconite Decoction

Spleen-Warming Decoction

Three Herbs Emergency Pills

Section 3 Moistening Purgative Formula

Five kinds of Kernels Pills

Hemp Seed Pills

Jichuan Decoction

In Summary

Chapter Three Digestant Formulae

Harmony-Preserving Pills

Unripened Bitter Orange Stagnation-Dispelling Pills

Aucklandia and Areca Seed Pills

Unripened Bitter Orange and Atractylodes Pills (Associated Formulae: Peptogenic Pills; Tangerine, Pinellia, Orange and Atractylodes Pills; Aucklandia, Amomum, Orange and Atractylodes Pills)

Spleen-Strengthening Pills

Unripened Bitter Orange stuffiness-Relieving Pills

In Summary

Chapter Four Mediative Formulae

Section 1 Formulae for Mediating Shaoyang

Minor Bupleurum Decoction (Associated Formula: Bupleurum, Orange and Platycodon Decoction)

Major Bupleurum Decoction

Sweet Wormwood and Gallbladder-Clearing Decoction

Section 2 Formulae for Harmonizing the Liver and Spleen

Cold Limbs Powder (Associated Formula: Bupleurum Liver-Soothing Powder)

Merry Life Powder (Associated Formulae: Modified Merry Life Powder; Merry Life Powder with Rehmannia)

Section 3 Formulae For Regulating Gastrointestines

 Pinellia Heart-Purging Decoction (Associated Formulae: Ginger Heart-Purging Decoction; Licorice Heart-Purging Decoction; Coptis Decoction)

In Summary

Chapter Five Heat-Clearing Formulae

Section 1 Formulae for Clearing Away Heat form the Qi Stage

White Tiger Decoction (Associated Formulae: Ginseng Plus White Tiger Decoction; Cassia Plus White Tiger Decoction; Atractylodes plus White Tiger Decoction)

Lophatherum and Gypsum Decoction

Capejasmine and Prepared Soybean Decoction (Associated Formulae: Licorice plus Capejasmine and Prepared Soybean Decoction; Fresh Ginger plus Capejasmine and Prepared Soybean Decoction; Capejasmine and Magnolia Decoction; Capejasmine and Dry Ginger Decoction)

Section 2 Formulae for Clearing the Nutrient Stage and Cooling Blood

Decoction for Clearing Ying-Stage (Associated Formula: Palace-Clearing Decoction)

Rhinoceros Horn and Rehmannia Decoction (Associated Formula: Antipyretic and Antitoxic Decoction)

Section 3 Formulae for Clearing Away Heat and Poison

Coptis Detoxicating Decoction (Associated formula: Heart-Purging Decoction)

Everyoneí»s Detoxicating Decoction

Godí»s Life-Saving Decoction

Four Powerful Herbs Decoction

Bovine Gall-Stone Pills

Section 4 Formulae for Clearing Away Visceral Heat

Fire-Inducing Powder

Gentian Liver-Purging Decoction (Associated Formula: Chinese Angelica, Gentian and Aloes Pills)

Blue-Purging Pills

White-Purging Powder

Reed Rhizome Decoction

Stomach-Clearing Powder

Fairy Decoction

Peony Decoction (Associated Formulae: Scutellaria Decoction)

Pueraria, Scutellaria and Coptis Decoction

Pulsatilla Decoction

Section 5 Formulae for Clearing Away Summer-Heat

Collateral-Clearing Decoction

Six-To-One Powder (Associated Formulae: Primordial Qi-Tonifying Powder; Green Jade Powder; Peppermint Powder)

Cassia Twig and Poria Sweet Dew Decoction

Summer-Heat-Clearing and Qi-Tonifying Decoction

Section 6 Formulae for Clearing Away the Deficient Heat

Sweet Wormwood and Turtle Shell Decoction

Bone-Clearing Powder (Associated Formula: Large-Leaf Gentian and Turtle Shell Powder)

Chinese Angelica and Six Yellow Herbs Decoction

In summary

Chapter Six Interior-Warming Formulae

Section 1 Formulae for Warming the Middle to Dispel Cold

Middle-Regulating Pills (Associated Formulae: Cassia Twig and Ginseng Decoction: Aconite Middle-Regulating Pills; Unripened Bitter Orange Middle-Regulatin Pills; Coptis Middle-Regulating Decoction; Middle-Regulating and Phlegm-Resolving Pills)

Evodia Fruit Decoction

Minor Middle-Strengthening Decoction (Associated Formulae: Astragalus Middle-Strengthening Decoction; Chinese Angelica Middle-Strengthening Decoction)

Major Middle-Strengthening Decoction

Magnolia Middle-Warming Decoction

Section 2 Formulae for Restoring Yang to Rescue Collapse

Cold Limbs Decoction (Associated Formulae: Ginseng plus Cold Limbs Decoction: Poria Cold Limbs Decoction; Spring Onion Decoction; Pigí»s Bile plus Spring Onion Decoction)

Ginseng and Aconite Decoction (Associated Formulae: Astragalus and Aconite Decoction; Atractylodes and Aconite Decoction)

Divine Black Bird Decoction (Associated Formula: Aconite Decoction)

Section 3 Formulae for Warming Meridians to Expel Cold

Chinese Angelica Cold Limbs Decoction (Associated Formula: Five Herbs Decoction Including Astragalus and Cassia Twig)

Yang-Harmonizing Decoction

In Summary

Chapter Seven Tonic Formulae

Section 1 Formulae for Tonifying Qi

Four Gentlemen Decoction (Associated Formulae: Marvelous Effect Powder; Six Gentlemen Decoction, Six Gentlemen Decoction with Aucklandia and Amomum)

Ginseng, Poria and Bighead Atractylodes Powder

Middle-Reinforcing and Qi-Benefiting Decoction

Jade Screen Powder

Pulse-Activating Powder

Section 2 Formulae for Tonifying Blood

Four Herbs Decoction (Associated Formulae: Shengyu Decoction; Peach Kernel and Sefflower plus Four Herbs Decoction)

Chinese Angelica Blood-Tonifying Decoction

Backing To the Spleen Decoction

Roasted Liquorice Decoction

Section 3 Formulae for Tonifying Both Qi and Blood

Eight Treasures Decoction (Associated Formulae: Ten Strong Tonic Herbs Decoction; Ginseng Nutrition Decoction)

Taishan Rock Powder

Section 4 Formulae for Tonifying Yin

Rehmannia Bolus with Six Herbs (Associated Formulae: Anemarrhena, Phellodendron and Rehmannia Pills; Qi-Receiving Pills)

Major Yin-Replenishing Pills

Bone-strengthening Pills

Yiguan Decoction

Section 5 Formulae for Tonifying Yang  

Kidney-Qi Bolus (Pills) (Associated Formulae: Life-Preserving Kidney-Qi Pills; Ten Tonic Herbs Pills)

Backing To the Right Decoction (Associated Formula: Backing To the Right Pills)

In Summary

Chapter Eight Astringing Formulae

Section 1 Formulae for Consolidating the Exterior to Stop Sweating

Oyster Shell Powder

Section 2 Formulae for Astringing the Lung to Stop Cough

 Nine Immortal Powder

Section 3 Formulae for Consolidating the Intestines to Stop Diarrhea

Immortal Viscera-Nourishing Decoction

Four Miraculous Herbs Pills

Section 4 Formulae for Consolidating the Essence to Stop Emission and Enuresis

Golden Lock Pills For Consolidating the Essence

Mantis Egg-Case Powder

Section 5 Formulae for Uterine Bleeding and Vaginal Discharge

Pills for Arresting Uterine Bleeding

Chong Meridian-Consolidating Decoction

Zhenglin Pellets

Treating Morbid Leukorrhea Decoction (Associated Formulae: Yihuang Decoction; Morbid Leukorrhea-Eliminating Decoction)

In Summary

Chapter Nine Sedative Formulae

Section 1 Sedative Formulae with Heavy Herbs

Cinnabar Mind-Calming Pills (Mind-Tranquilizing Pills)

Magnetite and Cinnabar Pills

Section 2 Sedative Formulae with Tonic Herbs

Wild Jujube Seed Decoction

Heaven King Heart-Nourishing Pellets

Liquorice, Wheat and Date Decoction

In Summary

Chapter Ten Formulae for Resuscitation

Section 1 Cool-Natured Formulae for Inducing Resuscitation

Peaceful Palace Bovine Gall-Stone Pills

Violet Snow Pellets

Real Treasure Pellets

Section 2 Warm-Natured Formulae for Inducing Resuscitation

Storax Pills

In Summary

Chapter Eleven Formulae for Regulating Qi

Section 1 Formulae for Activating Qi

Stagnation-Relieving Pills

Pinellia and Magnolia Decoction

Unripened Bitter Orange, Macrostem and Cassia Twig Decoction (Associated Formulae: Trichosanthes, Macrostem and Liquor Decoction; Trichosanthes, Macrostem and Pinellia Decoction)

Liver-Warming Decoction

Tiantai Linderae Powder

Tangerine Seed Pills

Section 2 Formulae for Lowering the Adverse Flow of Qi

Perilla Seed Qi-Lowering Decoction

Asthma-Relieving Decoction

Inula and Red Ochre Decoction

Tangerine Peel and Bamboo Shavings Decoction

Clove and Persimmon Calyx Decoction

In Summary

Chapter Twelve Formulae for Regulating Blood

Section 1 Formulae for Promoting Circulation to Remove Stasis

Peach Kernel Purgative Decoction

Recovery Blood-Activating Decoction

Blood-House Stasis-Dispelling Decoction (Associated Formulae: Orifice-Dredging and Blood-Activating Decoction; Under-Diaphram Stasis-Dispelling Decoction; Lower Abdomen Stasis-Expelling Decoction; Blood Stasis-Relieving Decoction for Pantalgia)

Yang-Invigorating Decoction for Recuperation

Qili Powder

Laughing Powder

Red Sage Decoction

Meridian-Warming Decoction

Blood-Regeneration and Stasis-Removing Decoction

Effective Collaterals-Activating Pellets

Section 2 Formulae for Arresting Bleeding

Ten Charred Herbs Powder

Four Fresh Herbs Pills

Hemoptysis Decoction

Sophora Flower Powder

Field Thistle Decoction

Yellow Earth Decoction

In Summary

Chapter Thirteen Formulae for Eliminating dampness and Facilitating Diuresis

Section 1 Formulae for Drying Dampness Resolving the Turbidness

Stomach-Calming Powder

Agastache Genuine-Qi Powder (Associated Formula: Six Harmony Decoction)

Section 2 Formulae for Clearing Away Heat and Excreting Dampness

Oriental Wormwood Decoction

Three Kinds of Kernels Decoction

Sweet Dew Detoxicating Pellets

Coptis and Magnolia Decoction

Eight Correction Powder

Two Wonderful Herbs Powder (Associated Formulae: Three Wonderful Herbs Pills; Four Wonderful Herbs Pills)

Section 3 Formulae for Facilitating Diuresis to Removing Dampness

Poria Powder with five Herbs (Associated Formulae: Poria Powder with Four Herbs; Weiling Decoction, Oriental Wormwood plus Poria Powder with Five Herbs)

Polyporus Decoction

Five Kinds of Peels Powder

Tetrandra and Astragalus Decoction

Section 4 Formulae for Warming and Resolving Water-Dampness

Poria, Cassia Twig, Bighead Atractylodes and Licorice Decoction (Associated Formula: Licorice, Dried Ginger, Poria and Bighead Atractylodes Decoction)

Spleen-Reinforcing Decoction

Wolly Yam Decoction for Clearing Turbid Urine

Section 5 Formulae for Facilitating Diuresis by Purgation

Ten jujubes Decoction

Boat-And-Cart Pills

Section 6 Formulae for Expelling Wind and Dampness

Notopterygium Damp-Removing Decoction (Associated Formula: Blockage-Relieving Decoction)

Pubescent Angelica and Loranthus Decoction

In Summary

Chapter Fourteen Formulae for Eliminating Phlegm

Section 1 Formulae for Drying Dampness and Resolving Phlegm

Two Vintage Herbs Decoction (Associated Formulae: Phlegm-Dispelling Decoction, Phlegm-Dispelling Decoction; Golden Water Six Gentlemen Decoction)

Gallbladder-Warming Decoction

Section 2 Formulae for Clearing Away Heat and Resolving Phlegm

Qi-Clearing and Phlegm-Resolving Pills

Minor Chest-Congestion Decoction

Phlegm-Expelling Pills

Section 3 Formulae for Moistening Dryness and Resolving Phlegm

Fritillary Bulb and Trichosanthes Fruit Powder

Section 4 Formulae for Warming and Resolving Cold-Phlegm

Poria, Licorice, Schisandra, Ginger and Asarum Decoction

Three Kinds of Seeds Decoction for Parents

Section 5 Formulae for Dispelling Wind and Resolving Phlegm

Pinellia, Bighead Tractylodes and Gastrodia Decoction

Cough-Stopping Powder

In Summary

Chapter Fifteen Formulae for Wind

 Section 1 Formulae for Dispelling Exogenous Wind

Wind-Dispelling Powder

Wry Eace Powder

Yuzhen Powder

Tea-Blended Ligusticum Powder

Minor Collateral-Activaing Pellets

Section 2 Formulae for Stopping Endogenous Wind

Antelopeí»s Horn and Uncaria Stem Decoction

Liver-Subduing and Wind-Stopping Decoction

Gastrodia and Uncaria Decoction

Major Wind-Stopping Decoction

Rehmannia Decoction

In Summary

Chapter Sixteen Formulae for Dryness

Section 1 Formulae for Dispersing Exogenous Dryness

Apricot and Perilla Powder

Mulberry and Apricot Decoction

Dryness-Clearing and Lung-Rescuing Decoction

Section 2 Formulae for Nourishing Yin to Moisten Dryness

Yin-Nourishing and Lung-Clearing Decoction

Lily Metal-Consolidating Decoction

Ophiopogon Decoction

Yuye Decoction

Body Fluid-Increasing Decoction

In Summary

Chapter Seventeen Parasite-Expelling Formulae

Black Plum Pills

Baby-Nourishing Pills

Silk Pouch Pills

Anthelmintic Pills

In Summary

Chapter Eighteen Emetic Formulae

Muskmelon Pedicel Powder (Associated Formula: Three Sages Powder)

Emergency Phlegm-Diluting Powder

Emetic Salt Solution

 In Summary

Appendix One  Index of Formula Names  

Appendix Two  Pinyin-English Cross Reference of Formula Names