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Chinese medicine is the most effective treatment for various chronic and difficult diseases!


Congratulations and Speeches from Shao Xiangning, member of the leading Party group of Health Department of Hunan Province and Director of state Administration of traditional Chinese medicine of Hunan Province and Wang Hui, Deputy Mayor of Huaihua City, Jiang Yaowen, County Magistrate of Zhongfang County                                                                                          Check the details>>>

Speeches over the TCM Forum

1. Speech from Li Xia, Member of Standing Committee of County Party Committee and Minister of the Publicity Department of Zhongfang County                More>>>

2. Speech from Liu Yingjian, Secretary-general of the Red Cross Society of Hunan Province                                                                                                    More>>>

3. Speech from Jinya, Deputy Director of the Foreign Affairs and Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the People¨s Government of Hunan Province  More>>>

4.  Academic Report from Professor Peng Jian on Mankind Needs TCM in the Era of Chronic Diseases                                                                                  More>>>

5.  Academic Report from President Roni, Academic Dean of East C west School of Classic Chinese Medicine and Chairman of Israeli Association of Classic Chinese Medicine Practitioners on Zang-fu Deep Energy.                      More>>>

6.  Speech from Ms. Betsy on Treatment Experience in Zhongfang Red Cross International Hospital                                                                               More>>>

7. Academic Report from Professor Hu Fanglin on Overview of Development of Zhongjing School in Hunan Province                                                        More>>>

8. Speech from Indonesian Student Cecilia on the Reason I Chose Zhongfang and My Learning Experience Here                                                                  More>>>

9. Speech from President Zhu Ming on Proposal of Constructing Beautiful Zhongfang as a World TCM City                                                             More>>>

10. Speech from international friend Roni, President of TCM University in Israel on the opening of Zhongfang County TCM Hospital                                       More>>>

11. Speech from President Zhu Ming, on the opening of Zhongfang County TCM Hospital                                                                                                    More>>>

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