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Introduction To Cinnabar (zhu sha) 









zhu sha


shui fei zhu sha

Cinnabar (zhu sha) 


Properties: It is sweet in flavour, cold in nature and poisonous, acting on the heart channel, clearing away heat, mainly clearing away sthenic fire-syndrome of heart channel, tranquilizing the mind. It is used for treatment of irritability, insomnia and dreaminess due to overabundance of heart-fire and excess of Yang. It has the action of clearing away the heat and detoxication and can treat sore throat and canker.

Effects: Tranquilizing the mind and clearing heat and toxins.


1. For irritability, insomnia due to exuberant heart-fire, it is often used with Rhizoma Coptidis, dried Radix Rehmannice and Radix Glycyrrhizae, as in Cinnabar Sedative Bolus (Zhusha Anshen Wan) to clear away heart-fire and tranquilize the mind. In cases of high fever and delirium and unconsciousness resulting from high fever or invasion of heat and warm into blood of the ying system, it should be used with heat-clearing, blood-cooling, detoxicating and anticonvulsive drugs, such as horn rhnocerotis, Radix Paeoniae Rubra, Calculus Bovis Rhizoma Coptidis.

2. To treat sore throat and canker sores of mouth and tongue due to sthenic fire and heat-toxin, it can be mixed with Borneolum, Borax and Natrh Sulfus Exsiccatus, and ground into powder as in Powder of Borneal and Borax (Bing Peng San) for external use. For sores, carbuncles and other pyogenic diseases, it is often used together with detoxicating drugs such as Realgar, Rhizoma Pieionis, and Dangmenzi such as Zijinding.

In addition, cinnabar is an antiseptic and can used to make pill coating for preservation.

Dosage and Administration: 0.3-1.0g, ground into powder, to be infused for oral use. It also be used in pill or powder. Proper dosage for external use.

Precautions: Overdosage should be avoided. Intoxication may result in long-term oral administration. Preparing by direct fire is prohibited.


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