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Herbal Treatment Of  0161 Edema and Vasculitis, India





Dear 0161,

Good to see your kind response here. If you do not mind, we will prescribe another 30 days herbal granule for you especially for total detoxification. Sincerely hope you will enjoy more healthy life with the constant treatment. Any assistance you may need, please let us know. Thanks!   

Kind regards,

Dr. Ming

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Sent: Saturday, October 24, 2009 8:50 PM
Subject: Re: How about your health status these days?

Respected Doctor, thanks for your kind email. Completely got rid of the under eye oedema, no more under eye swelling or lumps etc. Thanks mainly to ur herbal granule. Now what i want is herbal medicines for total detoxification of lungs,heart,kidney,liver for removing the bad effects of smoking and drinking(though totally stopped, damage would be there). Any herbal granule towards this, I would like to go in for dosage of say 30 days. Please advice me the products,cost, shipment methods etc. Regards,


Dear 0161,

Your mail was received with lots of excitement and very glad to hear that you have getting positive results from the herbal granule. As I mentioned in my last email, it is not available for us to make the ingredients as a single bottle at the moment, I am sorry about it. If you do not mind, we will strengthen the formula to perpare another 30 days dosage herbal granule for you for further treatment. In this way the accumulated results will help you to the greatest. What is your idea?

Hope you will get better and better.  Any assistance you may need from us is always welcome to contact us.

Best regards and waiting for your further reply!

Dr. Ming

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Sent: Wednesday, September 23, 2009 4:46 PM
Subject: Herbal Granule

Respected Doctor and Staff, Things going on well and getting positive results from the herbal granule. As you know there are 12 ingredients total for consumption. What would be the cost of each bottle of these ingredients say for one months consumption, together with shipping, since I feel that upon one more months consumption, my body/health would be still better, though I am getting better day by day with the present consumption. Once again thanks to you and all. Regards, 0161
Dear 0161,

Thank you so much for getting back to us. Very nice to hear that you are getting better day by day. Hope you will achieve much great improvement with the herbal granule.

And I am sorry it is unavailable for us to make the ingredients as a single bottle now.

Please take care of your rest and keep us to update your health status. Thanks!

Very truly yours,

Dr. Ming

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Sent: Saturday, September 19, 2009 2:57 PM
Subject: Re: Warm greeting from TCM group!

Respected Doctor and Staff of TCM Group, The herbal granule is really good and working effectively. I am definitely feeling changes in my overall appearance with the swelling getting a bit evened out and getting better day by day. Shall contact you further next week. Can the same ingredients b available as a single bottle say for one months consumption. If so, what would be the cost element? Regards.
Dear 0161,

Thanks for your kind email. Glad to know that you have got the parcel. Hope to the herbal granule could help you well.  You had better take it with empty stomach (before meals), but if it makes your stomach feel uncomfortable, you also could drink it after meals for 30 minutes. And any feedback just let us know, so we could help you further more effectively.

Best regards,

Dr. Ming

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Sent: Saturday, September 12, 2009 1:41 PM
Subject: herbal granule!

Respected Doctor and Staff of TCM, I am happy to inform you that I have received the product in good packing condition. I shall certainly be contacting you after initial dosage of the product. Prior to that may I kindly know whether the dosage of the granule is to be done early morning (instead of cup of tea/coffee) or after meals. Also in the afternoon can I consume it prior to afternoon lunch or after lunch. Thanks and with outmost regards, Look forward. Yours sincerely, 0161
Dear 0161,

Thanks very much for your trust and precious time to let us know your health information.

From the view of Traditional Chinese Medicine, your condition is due to blood stasis, qi stagnation, obstruction of channels and network vessels. So our treatment strategy for you is to quicken the blood circulation, disperse stasis and edema, free the channels and quicken the network vessels.

Considering your situation, we recommend you to take our herbal granule, which is dissoluble and concentrated made through modern technology, each dosage is composed of different sachets of granule, it is easy to prepare and bring, you could put the granule into a cup, then add some water and drink it. The herbal granule is specially prescribed according to your individual condition, it is natural and mild with direct function on your edema and vasculitis. The first treatment course is 20 days dosages herbal granule. Then we'll notice your progress and give you the further treatment step by step, therefore the result will be much more effective.

Dear 0161, once you send the payment, please tell us the information and confirm your address, we will ship the herbal granule to you soon. Thanks!

Looking forward to your reply soon and best wishes!

Dr. Ming

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Name: 0161
Gender: MALE
Marriage: MARRIED
Child-bearing: TWO SONS
Age: 46
Height: 175  tall
Weight: 64  in weight
Disease Period: 12 TO 13 MONTHS  long

Major Complaint:
my all other body functions are perfectly okay. My only problem as of now is Under eye edema (sagging skin may be due to that fluid retention)at outer canthus of both eyes, which makes my appearance slightly bore, though it has drastically come down after cutting down salty foods and sleeping with headhigh pillows.However, it is not fully healed. So I need chinese medicines please.(chinese medicines famous for edema treatment and vasculitis)

hair loss with oily scalp
I brush the tongue coating daily
thick and white tongue coating
thirst and like drinks
like hot drinks
irregular food intake
reduced sexual ability
premature ejaculation
seminal emission at night
frequent masturbation one to two years
private part with strong smell
too strong sexual desire
dry living environment
overthinking often

Vegetarian foods as a daily routine, though occasionally I take non-vegetarian like egg and chicken and fish. Yes I smoke. Hobbies- computer, cricket, films, carroms, friends chat, songs, chess,
Laboratory Check:
A skin biopsy taken from a laser skin hospital nearby was reported as inflammatory oedema due to leucocytoclatic vasculitis.
Other Diseases:
Since I suffered from facial deformity when edema was very much, I underwent cosmetic treatments like cosmelan twice and had botox injected for periorbital wrinkles last month.
please advice me the product name (cost plus shipping cost)so that I can decide over it and but it from your end directly through Paypal method. Thanks a lot, for your kind response. Once again, thanks in helping a patient.